Wayne Pase

A. Wayne Pase
Grassy Creek Lumber

I have been in the lumber business for 39 years. My partner Richard Gray and I have been working together for 30 years. In July of 2007 we decided to start our own Lumber co. and formed Grassy Creek Lumber. Our trading styles, work ethics, and solid morals have bonded us together to make a perfect team. To make the team complete we were fortunate enough to have Ginny Michael join us when we started the company. Ginny manages our office in every way from making sure that bills get paid to managing our trucking department. When not in the office I enjoy hunting with my bow and arrow, and relic hunting with my metal detector . I am actively involved with my church in many areas. I enjoy my mission trips to Nicaragua to help with a church and small village in a remote area outside of Managua. My wife and I have been in love with each other since we were 7 years old. We have been happily married for 40+ years and have two children and two precious grandchildren.